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Keeping your Hardwood Floor is essential for the longevity of your flooring. Since dirt combined with foot traffic act as a sand paper, removing it is crucial. We recommend to use cloth or a vacuum cleaner that has a soft bristled wand. Upright vacuums are not recommended. After vacuuming use AkovasH Hardwood Floor Cleaner. Follow diluting instructions on bottle. After vacuuming spray AkovasH Cleaner on a terry towel, wipe floor in the direction of the wood grain. Allow the surface to dry for about 15 minutes. After construction or floors that are extremely dirty, can be damply mopped. In this case use 2-1 gallon buckets. One for the Soap (2oz concentrated soap) and 1 for clean water. Immerse the mop in the soapy water and wring it out until it is only half wet. Clean the first section of the floor. Rinse the mop in the bucket of clean water and wring it out thoroughly. Immerse the mop in the soapy water and wring it out until it is only half wet. Clean the next section of the floor. Do not leave any surplus water on the floor. Do not walk on the floor until completely dry (30 mins).

Technical Data Sheet for AkovasH Hardwood Cleaner

Technical Data Sheet for AkovasH Concentrated Soap



Removing Stains

Any stains that get on the Hardwood Floor should be cleaned immediately by using a lightly wetted cloth with water only. In case the stain is oil/grease based, use liquid dish soap or AkovasH Floor Cleaner.

  1. Apply a generous quantity of AkovasH Floor Cleaner to the spot.
  2. Allow several minutes for absorption.
  3. Wipe off the product using a dry cloth or paper towel.


Maintenance (for Polyurethane Finishes)

Follow instructions for cleaning above and the preventative maintenance.



Maintenance (for Hand Oiled Floors)

If AkovasH Hardwood Flooring is finished with natural hand rubbed oil, it is recommended to comprehensively re oil the floor semi or annually depending on the wear and tear, using AkovasH Maintenance Oil.  Re oiling should be done when the “traffic areas” look dry or dull compared to the other areas.  Hallways, kitchen area, and around tables are considered “traffic areas”.

After installation of AkovasH Hardwood Floor during a Home Remodel or Construction we advise to re-oil the floor within six months.  AkovasH Hardwood has In-House trained Technicians to perform this service.


Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance of your new AkovasH hardwood is as important as regular maintenance.

Since hardwood flooring can be scratched, using self stick felt glides that need to be attached to bottoms of all surfaces such as: chairs, tables, sofas, cabinets, etc. Hardwood stores carry many different sizes and types. We recommend to re check the felt periodically since they come off of the furniture legs occasionally.

Area rugs and door mats are recommended, use non stick breathable rug pads since the lack of air movement can speed up the discoloration of the hardwood flooring.

Walking in high heels on the wood can damage all hardwood flooring, they can make dent marks in most cases.

*Do not use any other cleaning solutions except the ones recommended by AkovasH Hardwood
*Do not use excess water on your flooring.
*Do not use ammonia based solutions to clean your floor.
*When any liquid spills on floor, wipe it immediately.
*When using a Cleaning Service to Clean Floors, always train them or call us to train them on the maintenance care. Check on their work periodically to make sure they following instructions.

For Hard Waxed Hardwood Floors

Routing cleaning of waxed floors is best done by dry dust moping and vacuuming frequently. Never use any cleaner on the waxed floor, damp cloth with minimal warm water may be used.

To remove white spots caused by water spills or stains, use fine steel wool (#000) and rub gently in a circular motion until spot is gone. Then apply additional wax to the area and buff.

It is recommended to re-wax the floors every 6-12 months depending on the wear.

Damage to the waxed floor can be done with excess water, chemicals and pet urine. Clean any and all spills quickly.



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